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  Strategic Direct Marketing, Inc. (SDMI) is a full-service direct mail marketing agency serving financial institutions coast-to-coast.

SDMI provides value-based direct mail production in three categories::
  Marketing: We create, print and mail letters, postcards, newsletters and more to generate new revenues for your institution.

Operations : We produce statements, snap-packs, NSF letters, CD-IRA renewal letters and more for institutions of all sizes. 

Legal : We produce privacy mailings, legal notifications, alerts, special notifications, etc., all within tight timeframes and budgets.
  SDMI is a full-service direct mail advertising agency and production house. We produce millions of units of direct mail each year.

FULL SERVICE.  For some institutions, we handle everything from marketing strategy, list selection, creative design & copywriting, all the way through printing and mailing.

PRODUCTION ONLY.  For other institutions, we simply print and mail their supplied graphics and/ or copy.  We can produce what your team designs.

FULFILLMENT.  We handle custom production and mailing of Welcome Kits, convenience checks, matrix mail programs and more.

ACTIVATION.  Some clients look to us for help in activating their existing lines of credit or loan accounts.  We can develop a program from the start, or implement your existing campaign initiatives.

RETENTION.  We have a robust CD-IRA Retention program that has been in place for over 15 years at some of America's leading financial institutions.  We also offer Club Programs to help you attract and retain family accounts and senior accounts.

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